who we are

Home Care Services is a Montana, nonprofit corporation which has a charitable purpose "To Advance the Quality of Home Care in the State of Montana." To that end we employ and provide Personal Care Attendants, Nurse Supervisors and Private Duty Nurses in many Montana communities. These Home Care professionals work to assist Montana's elderly and disabled individuals to live independently in their own homes as long as it is safe and possible to do so.

Home Care Services is now
HomeCare Montana

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our history

The Home Care Industry has roots that go back to an earlier century and to an era of visiting Nurses. In-Home Services were provided mostly through local charitable and faith-based organizations. Over the years the work of these visiting Nurses evolved from an expression of caring and tenderness to skilled Nursing services for elderly, disabled, and other home-bound individuals.

Today's Home Care Industry in Montana emerged in the 1980s. State-funded pilot projects found that many individuals could live, and remain longer, in their own homes if provided with some community support and some regular assistance with daily living.

In 1984, a citizen advisory group appointed by the Governor, called "Priorities for People", set as one of their priorities the expansion of In-Home services state-wide. The resulting Home Care Industry is now a part of every Montana community. The heart of this industry is the visiting Nurse and the Personal Care Attendant whose professional services allow us to live, and age, at home with dignity.

Many of us at Home Care Services were involved in that process in 1984, and were also part of the processes leading to multiple providers in 1995. We created our company, Home Care Services, in July of 1995. It all started with a tiny office in St. Regis, another in Bozeman, and a larger office in Billings. We employed 4 Nurses, 5 Administrative staff, and 20 Personal Care Attendants. Today, Home Care Services has evolved state-wide. We now have 9 offices and about 550 Consumers and 450 Personal Care Attendants throughout Montana. Home Care Services was born in Montana and stays in Montana.

We continue to dedicate ourselves to assuring that quality Home Care services are available in all Montana communities, especially rural counties, and to all Montana citizens.

We believe ------------ there is no place like home!

Today the Home Care Industry is challenged by tremendous growth. Today's Home Care Nurses coordinate and supervise many community and direct care services. As a community, we are also experiencing growth. With the advent of the ageing 'baby boom' population, more people are living better and longer, and more people are surviving illnesses and injuries. Today, as we believed 30 years ago, Home Care Services also shares a common belief that there is no place like home for these individuals. All individuals should be allowed to live and remain in their own homes and communities as long as possible, and for as long as they wish.